Academy’s mission

« I wish that the Academy allows young opera singers and musicians of all nationalities to deepen their knowledge of French musical art and style and thereby promoting the diffusion of our rich heritage, at present insufficiently valued throughout the world. »

Maestro Michel Plasson has been noticing for some years now that the repertoire that he interprets and defends with passion is not represented enough on the international stages. For that reason he has wished to set up the « International Academy of French Music Michel Plasson », an endowment fund, whose objective is the preservation, the transmission and even the rediscovery and broadening of the influence of the French repertoire of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Education is at the heart of this project which takes the shape of development workshops for which singers and musicians from all over the world will be invited in order to participate in master classes lead by the greatest performers of this repertoire. The Academy claims to be a tool for occupational integration for young artists at the edge of an international career. They will be able to benefit from the experience and skill of their elders and will thus contribute to the perpetuation of such a fragile and delicate art, an art, whose survival truly depends on his performers.